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Calling All Movie-Watchers!

After studying hard for long hours, we all need time to de-stress and just relax, and nothing says relax more than a good movie. With a new year comes new movies, and this year’s movie list seems especially intriguing. After spending hours viewing trailers for this year’s upcoming movies, I’ve narrowed it down to 3 films that you need to add to your movie checklist right away!

Pitch Perfect 2

Release Date: May 15, 2015


Because we just couldn’t get enough of the first “Pitch Perfect”! It’s one of those movies that you can watch 100 times and still laugh at every joke. In the second instalment, we’ll see our favourite a cappella group tackle their senior year and head to graduation, facing the one question that many of us can relate to: “what do we do with the rest of our lives?”. Considering the endless quotes and hashtags that that first movie left us with, I’m sure the second one won’t disappoint us.. I’m sure it’ll be ACA-AWESOME!


Inside Out

Release Date: June 19


This movie trailer speaks for itself, so I highly suggest you watch it at the link below:


As a 90s kid, I believe any Disney Pixar film is worth watching, but the idea of this movie alone is so unique that it could be Pixar’s most original film yet, in my opinion. The movie’s slogan is, “Meet the little voices inside your head”, who essentially narrate the movie. It’s told from the perspective of the emotions inside the mind of a young girl. So to anyone who looked at an awkward-looking teenager who seemed completely zoned-out, and thought “what’s going on in that crazy head of theirs?”, now is your chance to find out, in a humorous, Disney way.


Release Date: December 18, 2015


The dynamic duo is at it again! Amy Poehler and Tina Fey star as sisters who are trying to throw one last high-school-style house party before their parents sell their family home. With a cast like this one, the movie is sure to have you laughing endlessly throughout.

Those are just some of the many movies that I’m looking forward to seeing this year, but the list goes on (Jurassic World, Furious 7, The Wedding Ringer)! Hopefully you all take a break out of your busy lives to kick back and enjoy some good movies. (There’s no better time to see a movie than on Valentine’s Day, which is quickly approaching.. Perfect opportunity!)


The Torture of 8am Classes

You did it a few months ago in high school, yet somehow, the concept of 8am classes has become unthinkable. Whether you’re an economics student like myself, or just procrastinated with course selections, there’s a good chance that you got stuck with an 8am class or tutorial in your first year. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try to manipulate your schedule, ending up with an early class at some point in your university career is inevitable.  From my experience, the best ways to tackle an early morning would be to:

Prepare for your day at night.

Prepare your bag and get your clothes ready the night ahead of your early morning. Do as much as possible the night before and leave as little as possible for the next morning. I’ve learned the hard way that trying to do everything 10 minutes before you leave for an early class will never end well, and you’ll find yourself forgetting half your textbooks and nothing to write with once you get to school.


Set alarms. Not one, but several.

Your phone should look something like this:


You’ll hate yourself in the morning when your alarm is going off every 5 minutes, but you gotta do what you gotta do to make your 8am class on time!

Eat breakfast.

Skipping breakfast may save you time in the morning, but you’ll regret it when you’re starving halfway into your class. And on top of being grumpy about having to wake up early, you’ll be even grumpier when you’re hungry.


Lastly, AVOID.

Having my fair share of 8am classes, I can confidently say that the best way to combat 8am classes is to avoid them. There’s no secret formula to tackling early mornings, and if you’re not a morning person, chances are you won’t miraculoursly become one at any point in the semester. So if possible, try scheduling later classes. If there’s no way out of an 8am lecture, then try some of these tips to help get you through your early mornings!

First Semester: The Mistakes We Shouldn’t Repeat

I’m sure that first semester was quite an experience for all of us, and by “experience”, I’m referring to Professor Randy Pausch’s definition of the word: “Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted”. We all came into university with preconceived notions of what to expect, but statistically speaking, many first-year students are shocked during first semester, when they’re hit with the reality of university. That said however, although we all may have made our fair share of mistakes during first semester, it wasn’t a completely unfulfilling experience. Hopefully, we can all learn from our first semester of university, avoid repeating the terrible mistakes we made, and make our second semester even better.

One thing that I hope everyone has accepted is that, as soon as the semester starts, we need to dive face-first into work-mode. Most people were still in the summer or frosh mindset when school started in September, and the first few weeks of school were spent socializing and procrastinating on readings. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to ease our way into the workload if professors aren’t going to ease into the course (which they don’t). We can’t start off laidback and then eventually become immersed in university life when we feel ready. Again, after that amazing winter break, it’s a struggle to go back to studying, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from first semester, it’s that we have to push ourselves to get back into that mode to avoid falling behind so early in the semester!

The next thing we should be quickly learning, especially around this time when textbook sales are soaring, is that it’s important to keep notes from your past classes. After my exams, I threw out all of my old notes as a celebration of completing the course and never having to take it again, but I now learned that was a huge mistake. That old saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” could not be more true when it comes to old course notes, where the price you’re selling a textbook for can go up by ten to twenty dollars with notes included! Also, it’s important to keep your textbook in prime condition, to get more money from future buyers.

Lastly, the golden rule: GO TO CLASS! Skipping class to get a few more hours of sleep may seem like a great idea at the time, but it’ll leave you full of regret when you’re drawing a blank on the final exam because you missed an important lecture. Also, remember you pay for all your classes, even the ones you skip, so you might as well go!

Referring back to Professor Pausch’s idea of experience, he says, “Experience is often the most valuable thing you have to offer”. Hopefully, you all use your first semester experiences to create an even better second semester for yourself. Good luck!

It’s That Time of Year….

To dress up or not to dress up?  What’s acceptable for Halloween in university? To dress up while everyone else doesn’t makes you seem childish, but to not dress up when everyone else does would make you seem un-spirited… THE DILEMMA!


Well, if you do decide dress up, you can’t get away with the typical and extremely overdone costumes that were acceptable in public school.  It’s time to get rid of that vampire cape you used every Halloween, throw out the witch’s hat you’ve re-used continuously, and find some creative and new Halloween costumes.  Here are some ideas to get you started!

Individual Ideas:

Miley Cyrus and her wrecking ball


Pro: EVERYONE will easily recognize your costume.

Con: Good luck sitting down!

A Tinder account


Pro: You’re self promoting your Tinder account!  You’re basically a walking ad.

Con: You’re revealing the shameful fact that you still use Tinder.

One night stand


Pro: It’s hilarious and creative!

Con: Getting through doors may be difficult..

Couples Costumes:

William and Kate wedding


Pro: You get the opportunity to look amazing.

Con: The effort it takes to look amazing.

Unprepared woman who wins the lottery


Pro: You’ll definitely win any costume awards for creativity.

Con: Girls, you’ll have to keep your “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe this is happening to me!” face on all Halloween, and boys, you’ll have to wear your winning smile for hours- otherwise the costume won’t be complete!

And best for last…

Group Costumes:

Roller coaster riders


Pro: When the whole costume comes together, it looks amazing!

Con: You’ll have to spend the entire day/night with these people in the costume, so choose the participants wisely!



Pro: There’s no limit to the amount of people you can have in this costume – the more germs you have, the scarier the costume is!

Con: It’s going to get really stuffy and smelly inside your germ suit.. be prepared.


Hope this gets your imagination running, because the possibilities are endless when it comes to Halloween costumes!

Happy Halloween!

Things We Really Need to Stop Saying

During these past few months, I’ve had many conversations with many different people.  One of the many great things about UofT is the diverse population we have.  Everyone has such a unique background, and many people speak English as their second, or even third, language.  However, after interacting with these new people, I noticed that there are some things that we all do (whether English is our first, second, or third language), that just NEED to be stopped.

The first is our use of the word “literally”.  Long ago, this word originally meant “in a literal or strict sense”, but those days are long gone.  The word has evolved and become a word that overdramatic teens and young people attach onto EVERY. SINGLE. SENTENCE. Example: “I literally just peed my pants laughing!!”

….did you really though?

More examples:

1 2

3        48_1

It has become the most overused word in the English language…Literally.

Another word that has lost all meaning is “lol”, or for you non-texters, “Laugh Out Loud”. I can’t remember the last time I read a text and actually laughed out loud, yet:


I am definitely not laughing out loud at the fact that my computer is being slow, or that I have to write a 10 page essay, yet just like the word “literally”, “lol” has become another overused word that we attach to every text that we send.

Why do we do these things? I have no idea, but please help put an end to these overused words! Support the cause and tweet #stopliterally2014 and #stopLOL2014, and join the many frustrated people out there!

Can you guys think of any words or phrases that you’re tired of hearing? Please comment below and share your frustrations!