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From the Courthouse to the Congo

I knew university would teach me new things, but I never thought the topic would be myself.  I went into university with a solid plan of completing an undergraduate degree in business, and continuing onto law school, with an end goal of specializing in corporate law.  Now, halfway through my first year, I have this new desire to go study primates in the Congo.

Everyone is constantly searching the Internet during course selection time, googling “bird courses at UofT”.  Unfortunately, these don’t exist at UofT, but we never seem to give up hope.  This is exactly what I was doing during my course selection time, and I came across a biological anthropology course, which everyone said was “a total breeze”.  I’ll tell you now, that’s a major exaggeration, but when I read it then, I really wanted to believe it.  So, I ended up taking this course that was completely out of my field of study, hoping to use it to boost my average.
Now, with only a few weeks left of the course, it’s no longer “just a bird course” to me— I’ve actually really come to love it. So much so, that it has me reconsidering my entire career choice, or at least my choice of major.  I now find myself looking up field research opportunities during the summer, that take place in countries like the Congo or Costa Rica, that provide you with the opportunity to study primates such as howler monkeys and, my personal favourite, bonobos.
Yes, this is confusing as it does conflict with my original plans, but this just shows what university is all about— learning about yourself and your interests. Taking courses that are completely out of your league (especially during first year) may actually work to your advantage, and you may end up discovering hidden passions you never knew you had.  Thankfully, I was introduced to this field early on in my university career, and definitely plan to integrate it into my future.  Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, because you never know what you’ll find!