Why it’s Different This Year…

This year, instead of just looking forward to winter break for the food and family time, I’m also looking forward to the stress-free feeling that this winter break will bring.

Unlike high school, where exams are scheduled in January, university exams are held in December, right before the holidays, leaving you absolutely stress-free and able to enjoy your break to the fullest.  In high school, when exams are in January, half of your winter break is dedicated to studying (or at least should be, because that seems to make sense).

But when do high school kids ever make sensible decisions?  So the winter break often goes by with lots of sleep and lots of fun, but very little studying, which leaves you feeling extremely guilty.


But this year, now that exams are finished right before the break, we can set our textbooks aside for two whole weeks without feeling guilty!  So take advantage of this winter break and enjoy it to the fullest, whether that’s spending time with friends and family, or doing absolutely nothing and just relaxing.  I know that when these exams are over, I’m going into hibernation 🙂


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