What We Miss Most About High School

We’re officially in the midst of midterm season!  This is evident without even looking at our calendars- just look around you and notice how everyone has traded in their “dress-to-impress” clothing for their UofT gear. At times like this, many of us find ourselves reminiscing about our high school days, where life just seemed so much easier.  Here’s an acrostic poem of the few things that I miss most about high school:

H omework? What homework..?
I ce breaker games
G etting easy As
H aving a social life

S now days!!!
C ost-effective
H olidays were actually holidays
O ne for all, all for one
O h so powerful driving license
L ittle (to no) responsibility
(This is pretty much how all seniors feel bringing their cars to high school)
What do you all miss most?
Good luck on midterms!

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