The Profs Don’t Bite!

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They really don’t, I promise!  Watching them pacing back and forth across the room, spitting out information that you’re struggling to comprehend, may make them seem intimidating.  So intimidating that the thought of approaching them one-on-one is completely unimaginable and so far out of your comfort zone.

But then, the day comes when you don’t understand that important concept taught in class, when it seems everyone else does.

Instead of spending hours searching the answer up on the Internet, or desperately trying to get tutored by your classmates, why not just go ask your professor for clarification?

I recently faced this struggle, and after I forced myself to attend my professor’s office hours, I realized it was the best thing I could’ve done.

I think we all forget that professors are normal people, too.  They once sat in a cramped desk in a class of 500 kids, just like us.  They get it… They understand better than anyone else!  And because they understand, they’re not going to make your experience to their office any more intimidating than it needs to be.

Entering a professor’s office may feel like walking into a dragon’s den, but I guarantee that if you take the opportunity and go to your professor when you need help, you will not regret it.  I came out with a much better understanding of something I once had so much difficulty with. I went to a professor for help, and I lived to tell the tale, so trust me when I say that the profs DON’T bite!


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