YOFO – You Only Frosh Once


(And I know for a fact that all of you fellow froshies DID NOT read that line, but instead sang it- don’t deny it!- because just like all the other memories from frosh, this cheer will not be forgotten anytime soon!)

This cheer continued to ring is every froshies’ ears as we struggled to squeeze in a few hours of sleep after each eventful day of frosh.

I remember watching the news last year and seeing thousands of UofT students parading through the streets of Toronto, thinking it looked pretty fun.  But actually being a part of that parade this year was much more fun!

Of course, attending day 1 was quite intimidating.  Already being in such a new environment and then seeing so many new faces was extremely overwhelming, but a number of things made this initial anxiety disappear.

  1. The Leaders

Our frosh leaders were some of the most amazing and charismatic people that I’ve ever met.  Their enthusiasm was contagious, and they quickly made us feel like their home was ours.  Soon, the new environment that we were exposed to became much less daunting, and much more welcoming.

  1. The Fellow Froshies

UTM has some of the nicest people.  Either that, or everyone was on their best behaviour.  Although we were all strangers, everyone greeted each other with a smile, which then led to a conversation, which continued over lunch together, which all amounted to a new friendship.  I think it’s safe to say that we all broke a record for the most friendships made in a week, because everyone left frosh with at least five new best friends.

  1. The FREE stuff!

Who doesn’t bond over chasing after free things?  Just knowing that there are people out there willing to go to the same crazy lengths as you to get a free water bottle helps you connect with others.

Overall, this past week has made me realize that when people say, “Frosh is a week you should never miss!” or “I’ll remember frosh for the rest of my life!”, they’re not kidding, but instead being completely honest! YOFO!!!


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