My Golden Ticket

I vividly remember sitting in a massive lecture hall at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus, thinking to myself, “Man, these kids are so lucky to have the opportunity to learn in such an amazing environment!”.  I remember thinking of all the success U of T has produced, from Margaret Atwood, the famous Canadian author, to Ted Kotcheff, executive producer of Law and Order.  So you can imagine my excitement as I sit here a year later, constantly rereading my acceptance letter, handling the single sheet of paper like a golden ticket.  The navy blue writing on the top left of the page reading “University of Toronto” excites me as a look at it, knowing that in a few months, I will own countless sweaters, pens, binders, and bags proudly displaying the same emblem (something that EVERY first-year student is shamelessly guilty of).

Like any kid, I’ve counted down the days until summer since last September, waiting for the sleepless nights and warm summer days.  Also like most kids, I remember cheering and smiling ear-to-ear on the last day of school, eager to finally begin my long-awaited summer of 2014.  However, unlike most kids, I felt something different inside me this summer.  It was a feeling that I’d never experienced before, a feeling so foreign to me, I couldn’t believe it was actually happening.  For the first time, I felt eager for summer to come to an end, and for school to begin.


Shocking, I know! I never thought I’d be counting down the days for school to start, but here I am, with 28 days left on my countdown. My anticipation for the year ahead is both exciting and a little scary to me, but I’m ready for it to begin!  I’m looking forward to meeting new people, learning new things, and experiencing everything UTM has to offer.

That very same lecture hall that I sat in a year ago will be my home for the next few years.  As I wait for the next 28 days to pass, I’ll continue to read my acceptance letter, continue to read the little golden ticket that unlocks the door to the next journey of my life.


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